David Butler - A “Hand Up”, not a “Hand Out”
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A “Hand Up”, not a “Hand Out”
The best way to help others help themselves



There are things in life that you, and only you, can do. Opportunities present themselves. We need to take hold of these as they come, avail of them, and utilise them for the good of humanity. Sometimes we get a second chance, but often we need to be alert to the opportunity the first time it comes, because all progress, all achievements for humanity occur in small steps. It is like climbing steep hills. I recall climbing the steep ridges in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park. One cannot see the top of the ridges at first. We scramble up and over the first lot of rocks, up to level ground; then see there's another climb up the next ridge after which we take a breather. But there is yet another climb. And with this, we eventually arrive at the crest.

Just think of it. Roads and railways would be of no use if they were built directly up and over mountains. The popular tourist train which travels daily from Cusco in the Peruvian Andes to Macchu Picchu, the Lost City of the Incas, climbs forward, then climbs backwards, then forward again, and so on in a zigzag fashion until the summit is reached. The direct ascent is impossible, but easily manageable when done in stages, in small steps or by means of gentle slopes. Life is like that. So too is our discovery as to how we can extend a "Hand Up" to others, whether they are next door, down the street, elsewhere within our country, or abroad.

Many examples of a "Hand Up" are given in these pages as examples to inspire other initiatives. These examples are by no means exhaustive. The remaining examples are yours, the reader's, to discover and to bring into reality as only you can. I thank you in advance for the contribution you'll make, your "Hand Up" to humanity.