David Butler - A “Hand Up”, not a “Hand Out”
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A “Hand Up”, not a “Hand Out”
The best way to help others help themselves


David Butler - A “Hand Up”, not a “Hand Out”

New Book Can Help People of Darfur

A “Hand Up”, not a “Hand Out”

In his new book, A “Hand Up”, not a “Hand Out”, David Butler explores the idea of empowerment on a local as well as a worldwide scale.

David describes how we can assist others to build an image of what they can be, what they can become, and how we can assist them to make the changes in their lives. By enabling them to take control, their self-respect is enhanced and they in turn are enabled to assist others. Empowerment, not dependency, is the desirable outcome. Empowered people are able to empower others. Each one becomes a winner.

David covers a wide array of topics in his book - from teaching people to help themselves, to how each of us can contribute in our own way to world peace. David is currently “retired”. He worked for 31 years as a Professional Engineer in telecommunications. He has travelled to well over 60 countries in his life and this has given him great insight and a global perspective. David relates many of his experiences whilst travelling in Third World or Developing countries in addition to his workplace and volunteer work within Australia. He is also active in his local community through Kiwanis International.

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