David Butler - A “Hand Up”, not a “Hand Out”
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A “Hand Up”, not a “Hand Out”
The best way to help others help themselves


“Pay Attention to David, he really knows what he is talking about.”

Bob Proctor,
Author of You Were Born Rich

“Our country, the world’s newest nation, relies on its friends as it undertakes the difficult task of reconstruction and development. Through his visits to Timor-Leste David has come to admire what our county is achieving, especially in the lives of the young. May David’s book inspire readers worldwide to continue to extend their hands in practical ways for the well-being and full development of our people.”

Former First Lady Kirsty Sword-Gusmão,
Founder and Chairwoman of the Alola Foundation, Timor-Leste

“A most useful book, one that every young person should have the opportunity to read.”

Father Chris Riley SDB,
Founder and CEO of the national charity organisation ‘Youth Off the Streets’

“It was only after reflecting on what David was saying that I realised that we can all make a difference, that leaving it to someone else usually means that the work does not get done or that the opportunity is lost.”

Cindy Nielsen,
Author of If Not Now, When?

“Through his travels David has learned so much about other people and how they live. His traveling has taught him to be adaptable and to be understanding. Our way is usually not the only way and it may not be the best either. But it is a way. Understanding, tolerance and open-mindedness are qualities we should all aspire to.”

Gerry Robert,
Bestselling author of Conquering Life's Obstacles